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Meet the #nerdbirds

Though covering the continental United States and coming from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds, the founding #nerdbirds were brought together by a passion for aviation and travel. After meeting on the final Virgin America flight in 2018, they've kept in touch, traveled together, and enjoyed (trying to!) bring the fun back to flying.

The #nerdbirds truly believe that that journey can be just as fun as the destination, and aim to share their own love of air travel with others — even on board. This podcast not only covers their adventures around the globe and the people they've met along the way -- but all aspects of the travel experience, from design and sustainability to food and uncommon destinations.

What's in a name? #nerdbird was the name of a Virgin America aircraft, which was based on a Twitter hashtag. Given where they met, and that most are "nerds" about (metallic) "birds," the idea of being #nerdbirds seemed very fitting!

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The #nerdbirds met on a Virgin America final flight in 2018, and believe the journey is just as fun as the destination. Their podcast covers all aspects of the travel experience, focusing on design, sustainability, and destinations off the beaten path.